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    Sony i.LINK support


      I have a Sony MiniDV camcorder and I need software that can capture/edit the video via the i.LINK connection.  Do either of the new versions of Premiere Elements or Pro support this anymore?

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          Adobe has removed the DV Camcorder and HDV Camcorder choices from Premiere Elements 13. You will have to check with the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum to learn what is going on with Premiere Pro.


          This morning PRE_help posted a link to a very interesting Adobe document on workarounds in Premiere Elements 13 for the removed DV Camcorder and HDV Camcorder choices.

          Removed features and unsupported file formats | Adobe Premiere Elements 13


          Please let us know if that works for you.






          Add On...Just to be safe side, I want to ask PRE_help to comment on the supported connection between camera and computer in the Adobe workarounds for the removed DV Camcorder and HDV Camcorder features.