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    Cannot disable Auto Tone on import of PSD files - ruins edits !!


      Hi -  I am a LR 5  expert and we have an issue with the latest release that I need to overcome or it is unusable.    Please direct this to an expert level support person as I have already networked around and have not been able to resolve this issue.    The issue is consistent with other users as well - we have tried this on several computers and the result is the same.     It is possible that is pilot error but I doubt it - we have disabled apply auto tone everywhere we could find it... 



      I believe this is a serious bug in the way LR handles files on import  - and I am also hoping there is an immediate work-around as the issue has TRIPLED our workflow time.



      Example #1   -   Edit DNG - Export as PSD with "add to catalog" checked -  LR exports the file and then imports the PSD,   but in doing so applies auto tone and destroys all the edits.  The re-imported images are too bright and too contrasty.       Auto tone on import IS disabled. 



      We tried to work around the issue by trying to edit outside LR and re-importing but that does not work either -SAME RESULT !



      Example #2 -   Edit DNG files,  export to PSD,  do not check "add to catalog"  -  make the edits needed in Photoshop,  then  import using "add" and LR applies Auto Tone once again destroying all edits.      You can actually watch the auto tone being applied to the thumbs as it imports them. - they get brighter. 



      In all cases the edited images end up too bright and too contrasty and are otherwise unusable.        Our workaround is to export to PSD, edit in photoshop,  then use Photoshop's   scripts to produce the final images and leave the PSD files out of the catalog  - this has added a TON of time to our workflow and has corrupted our file management -  UNACCEPTABLE !! 


      We have also tried reading the external  meta data option - same result - bright files.


      Please let us know how we completely disable auto tone on import and fix this issue it is a deal breaker for using this version.   We are using LR 5.6



      Thanks, Mark
      Head Janitor,  6IXGUN.COM

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          Looks like we solved our own problem -   either edit or delete the preferences  files  and restart lightroom.  If you delete it,  it  will of course wipe our your template settings, etc  but that was far less of a hassle than not being able to use LR with PSD / exporting.  We were able to make a simple edit and it was fixed.   Also make sure you have unchecked "apply auto tone" in the >preferences>presets   dialog box - we did not have it checked but it WAS enabled in the plist file.       I would definitely consider this a bug -  the issue was not present in the last version of LR, it was introduced upon installing 5.6.