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    How to install legacy (my original licensed) Photoshop 4 on new 64-bit Win PC, so I can then upgrade to current v?


      I have used Photoshop for many years, starting with my original licensed purchase of Photoshop 4. I have progressively upgraded this to my current CS5. However, my first Win 7 64-bit PC will not install the legacy version at all. So I can't then upgrade. Stuck.


      3 years ago I had help from an Adobe telephone service, and managed to do this. Now that support has ended (shameful!) and I am going around in circles.


      I am vehemently opposed to going to the Photoshop CC/subscription route - like most folk - and a new purchase of CS6 is a shedload of money for a retired professional such as myslef.


      So any assistance@ would be much appreciated!