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    Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA problem

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      I have now encountered the Premiere Elements 10 - NVIDIA driver problem.  Problem occurred when I took the W8.1 (64-bit) upgrade this weekend.  GeForce GT620 driver was upgraded to 340.52 as part of the upgrade.  Computer was purchased in December 2012 and I'm pretty sure I have not made any updates to the NVIDIA driver since owning the computer (unless it came in with Microsoft updates which I do regularly).  Symptoms: in old projects (created prior to 8.1 upgrade) I can see the video in the preview window but the clip viewer is white (audio only).  If I open a new project then the preview window is grey and the clip viewer is white.


      I have read the other articles and the blog on how to correct the problem but I am leery of loading an old driver.  I found one non-forum post that suggested that a clean install of the old driver is needed.  Can anyone give specific instructions?  Based on my OS I'm not sure I can go back any farther than 327.23 September 2013.


      I have been contemplating a move to Adobe Creative Cloud so perhaps this is the time to make the jump.  I have unfinished projects in Premiere Elements 10.  Can I continue working on them in CC without losing any effects I have set in Pre10?  I'm starting a Wedding/Event Video business and need a more robust editing system.

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          The Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue is resolved by rolling back the driver version to about May of 2013. For all the many Premiere Elements 10 Windows 8.1 64 bit users I have dealt with, this is not a viable fix since NVIDIA is not offering NVIDIA GeForce driver versions that go back that far. In all the time that I have dealt with this specific issue, the fix has been to roll back the driver version to about May 2013.


          Based on what you wrote

          Based on my OS I'm not sure I can go back any farther than 327.23 September 2013.

          I am 99.99% certain that is not going to work. You could try but history is against you on this. If you have read the Announcement at the top of this forum, the original thread that tried to document each case, and my blog post on this, then you have a full view of the situation.


          To play it safe, before you make any decisions, you might want to look at the Premiere CC tryout to determine the fate of your Premiere Elements 10 projects.


          The least expensive alternative might be to use Premiere Elements 11, 12, or 13 instead of 10 on your Windows 8.1 64 bit. But, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a project created in Premiere Elements 10 will open in a later version or elsewhere (like Premiere CC). It probably will, but no guarantees.



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            Thank you.  You can add my specifics to the forum note that is tracking the

            versions.  I have worked with NVIDIA some this afternoon.  They pointed me

            to an uninstaller and asked that I uninstall and reinstall which I did.  I

            can say that Premiere Elements 10 worked fine without any NVIDIA driver -

            system detected I was using a generic Microsoft display driver DGI Generic

            1.1.0.  After reinstalling NVIDIA v344.11 the problem recurred.  The

            uninstaller did turn off automatic updates of the NVIDIA driver so that

            should keep it from updating again (part of Microsoft updates) providing I

            get a version that will work.


            I will take a look at Premiere CC as it had some options that I was

            interested in.


            From reading the other threads/announcements/blog, it appears this problem

            is only PrE10 or earlier so going to 12 or 13 should not repeat the problem?


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              Thanks for the follow up.


              To date, only Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce specific.


              I will add your experience to the list of reports by others in this situation.

              PE10 - Nvidia Video Card Driver Roll Back



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                I have been working with NVIDIA and we have determined that there are no "older" versions of their driver that will work with Premiere Elements 10 in the Windows 8.1 operating system.  They have been able to duplicate the problem and will try to fix in a future driver (no release date).  I can tell you that it is only a problem with AVCHD footage or projects created with an AVCHD preset.  I have a project with a preset for DV-Widescreen and the non-AVCHD footage and jpg media work fine with the existing NVIDIA driver.

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                  Thanks for the very interesting additional information on your Premiere Elements/NVIDIA GeForce/Window 8.1 64 bit issue.


                  Your news

                  They have been able to duplicate the problem and will try to fix in a future driver (no release date)


                  is the first I have heard regarding NVIDIA or Adobe coming forward to look at and fix this particular issue.


                  Thanks again for your follow ups.



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                    martin_jernberg_tibble Level 1

                    Hello, this helped us at Tibble Gymnasium, but we are thinking of upgrading to Premiere Elements 13 until next half year, as stuff like Blender etc is working worse with older drivers, but still thanks for the help, really helped us for one of the computers

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                      To date I have not seen any evidence that NVIDIA or Adobe has done anything about the Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue.


                      This is particularly unfortunate for Premiere Elements 10 users with NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphic card on Windows 8 or 8.1 64 bit since

                      the older driver versions for these the cards in those computer operating systems do that go back far enough for the roll back driver version fix.


                      Best wishes with your projects now and in the future.



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                        I have a Windows 7 Ultimate machine with 3 video NVidia cards, one is an 750TI that supports the 4K monitor, there are 5 monitors in total.

                        Everything is up to date, including QT.


                        In order that the 4K driver work the current driver (341.44  2/24/2015) has to be used.

                        The only card that can accept the 2013 vintage driver that works with Premiere Elements 10 is incompatible with the 750TI - so no 4K..


                        This is the preview window issue...


                        My choices appear to be - use elements 10 on one of the other PCs - which aren't conveniently placed or are laptops..  or pay to upgrade AGAIN :-/


                        Has no work been done to resolve this issue? Old versions so I guess not .


                        High and dry.

                        Contemplating a change to something else.

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                          There have been no fixes for the classical Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue (on the NVIDIA or Adobe side). There is no evidence that the very latest NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics cards have gotten around this problem. To the contrary, limited reports suggest it has not.



                          Lately, there have not been NVIDIA GeForce card drivers old enough to meet the Roll Back fix. If one gets lucky, one might find the older driver (not in use) still stored on the computer involved, which can be put back in use. But that is not going to help you with your dual needs going in different directions.


                          With your two priorities, I am seeing the following paths

                          1. On the current compute, replace the NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card with a non NVIDIA GeForce kind

                          2. Or go to another version of Premiere Elements, other than 10.


                          Whatever your choice, whether Adobe or not Adobe, please consider a tryout before purchase to assure the compatibility of the product with your computer environment and project goals.


                          If the current version of Premiere Elements is in your plans, then consider

                          a. Premiere Elements 13/13.1 is the current version

                          b. It is likely that a new version of Premiere Elements will be released by Adobe in September-October 2015.




                          Add On...This is not Adobe. Rather essentially user to user forum.

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                            I am having a similar problem running Elements 10. Previously I had an ATI Radeon card installed, which worked fine but got rather hot. Replaced this with an Asus/Nvidia GT710 2Gb card which initially seemed to be fine until I started using Elements10 to try to edit some projects and new clips. Got sound but no effective picture on monitoring window. Either grey or froze altogether. Also sections of unwanted window started to appear.

                            Put old card back and all well again!

                            What is going on?

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              You're responding to a three year old thread featuring people who haven't been on this forum in years.


                              If you want advise from current users, you may want to start a new thread.


                              Meantime, be sure to update your card from the nVidia web site to ensure you have the latest driver. Don't depend on Windows to provide it.


                              And be sure to note in your post which model of camcorder your video is coming from and what operating system you're using.