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    Presenter SCORM courses not scoring correctly in Firefox


      We are having an issue with SCORM courses created in Presenter not communicating back the correct quiz score when using the new version of Firefox. These courses worked properly in the older version of Firefox. I can provide the course if needed. The courses were created in Presenter Tried creating the course in version 10 but it still didn't work.



      https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=2e8e43d1-aad9-4b92-85ee-cfc285d66142&c ourseTitle=Adobe_Presenter 

      https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=67e35d6e-e3a7-46ee-9a43-02c5d5840e5c&c ourseTitle=Adobe_Presenter 

      https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=d419225a-24b7-46df-864a-70cb547ae5e4&c ourseTitle=Adobe_Presenter 

      https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=b297a9ab-af2a-484a-b051-7ee0f0ae8e97&c ourseTitle=Adobe_Presenter