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    folder merged into another one- undo how?


      This problem is driving me crazy, thank you in advance for your help.


      I keep my Lightroom library on an external HD, called "3TB Black".

      This hard drive always showed up as a distinctive folder in my folder list, right below my "Mac HD" folder.

      Now, for some reason, my external HD is now showing as a SUBFOLDER of my Mac Drive and I don't know how

      to reverse this (also, what is that folders icon, and below it that "Volumes" folder of which

      my external HD is yet another subfolder??).

      IMG_2883.jpgThis problem has first shown up when I tried to back up my LR library on "3TB Black" onto

      another external drive. I do NOT keep a copy of my library on my Mac HD.

      Thank you for explaining to me how to see my usual folders list on the left in LR again....