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    writing back to an imported xml file

      hi every1.

      Just an update to an already posted problem (original msg supplied below.)

      is it possible to solve the below problem with php namely .........LoadVars.sendAndLoad?

      Again any help greatly appreciated!!

      Dear every1, i am having a bit of a problem. Im an actionscript amateur so my knowledge is limited.

      I have imported an xml file into my flash program with the xml_conn.trigger(); command. which is shown below.

      <node label="car">
      <node label="car size" feedback=""/>
      <node label="car shape" feedback=""/>
      <node label="car colour" feedback=""/>

      I am able to write a comment in a text area (instance name: "txtArea"). And press the "submit" button to attach that comment to the relevant node using the actionscript code below:

      feedback.onRelease=function () {

      //listener object for tree
      var lo:Object = new Object();//a object called "lo" is created.
      lo.change = function(evtObj:Object):Void {
      var itm:Object = tree.getSelectedItem();
      if(itm.savedComment != undefined)
      comment.text = itm.savedComment;
      comment.text = "";

      //listener object for submit button
      var lo2:Object = new Object();
      lo2.click = function(evtObj:Object):Void{
      var itm:Object = tree.getSelectedItem();
      itm.savedComment = comment.text;


      All i need now is for the comment added to be saved into the xml file. Possible in the "feedback" area in the xml file. So that next time i run the flash program the originally added comment is saved within and shows up when i click on that node.

      At the present moment when i click on the node and attach a comment, the comment is not displayed if i exit the swf. file and re-enter. Really need help with this as i want my comment to be displayed even after i have exited and re-entered the swf. file

      However i have no idea how to use this. really stuck any help is much appreciated.