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    '1969' Date Created issue.

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      I just posted a question in another thread, so I apologize for flooding the forums.


      I've been coming across a really strange problem in my archive. It seems that almost all of my old film scans that live within Lightroom have had their 'date created' year changed to 1969.


      Just to give you some background on my machine:


      I run a 2008 Macbook Pro 5,1 wit 8GB ram, 128GB SSD for my boot drive and a 256GB in my old optical bay that I use as a storage drive. I point Lightroom and all of my apps to this 'storage' drive for big file storage.

      I ran simple copy and paste backups for awhile and then began using Chronosync two years ago. I know that this problem happened sometime in the last year and I'm sure it has something to do with Lightroom because of some information I've been able to bring up in the Metadata panel.

      I've attached a bunch of screenshots below. I'd appreciate any help I can get with this... It's a really strange issue. I'm fine with it as of now because all of the files this issue has affected still have the correct creation date in their modification date. The files were also renamed by their creation date awhile ago. It's only going to cause an issue when I try to sort folders by year in Bridge and what not.

      All of the problem files (which is basically my entire Lightroom film catalog) are awaiting a big keyword session and DNG conversion. Then I was planning on moving them to an archive drive where they will live from here-out. I'm not too comfortable with letting files go into an archive with incorrect date information.. even though the filenames reflect the accurate date... I just feel like it could cause an issue down the road.

      Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

      Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.31.06 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.31.33 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.31.36 PM.png

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          The symptoms you are observing don't have anything to do with LR. 

          There are two different sets of date/times associated with a photo: the file times maintained by the operating system (Mac OS) and the metadata times that are stored inside image files and are set by cameras and software applications like LR. 


          The Finder shows you the file times -- the time that the file was created and when it was last modified by an application.  Different applications handle the creation and modification times differently, and not all backup/sync programs will maintain the creation and modification times.  The creation time shown in the screen shot, 12/31/69 7:00 PM, is a special time -- it is 1/1/70 0:00 UTC (assuming your computer is currently set to the EST time zone), which is represented in many programs by the number 0.  This suggests that one of the programs you used to copy your files has a bug and set the creation time to 0.


          LR doesn't set file times -- when it creates a file or modifies it, Mac OS will set the creation or modification time to the current time automatically.


          LR shows you the times that are stored inside the metadata section of image files, and the most important one is what LR calls "capture time".  Cameras set the metadata capture time from their built-in clocks, and LR lets you change the capture time using the Metadata > Edit Capture Time command.  LR displays capture time in the right-hand metadata panel and next to thumbnails in the Library.


          If an image doesn't have a metadata capture time, then LR will use the file's modification time (older versions of LR used the creation time).  Scanners typically don't set the capture time, so in your screen shot above, LR is displaying the modification time next to the thumbnails.  


          In general, it's dangerous to rely on the file times to represent information about your images -- too many programs will do unpredictable things with those times.  Use programs like LR to set the metadata date/time of image capture (when the shutter was pressed in the film camera).  Industry standards also define an additional metadata date/time, usually called "date/time digitized", which is when the original image was digitized, that is, converted to digital bits by a scanner.   LR doesn't provide any commands for maintaining date/time digitized (it's primarily intended for images captured by digital cameras), so if you need to also maintain date/time digitized, you'll need to use another program such as Exiftool (free).

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            Thank you so much for your lengthy reply. It really helped.


            Thanks for helping me let go of caring about date created / modified times. I agree, they're subject to too much change from all of the different apps they go through.


            How would I go about setting the metadata date/time in LR though? I'd be happy to do this for the problem images.


            Thanks again!

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              You can set the metadata capture time (when the picture was taken) in LR by using the Metadata > Edit Capture Time command.  This date/time will be stored in industry-standard format and recognized by most other programs and Web services.

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                Wow... so the metadata capture time for all of the problem files are correct! Cool. I won't be paying attention to the OS date/time info anymore.


                Thanks John!

                Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.48.18 PM.png

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