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    So, whatever happened to just improving speed in AE, not adding new features?

    savetheplatypi Level 1

      For the unfamiliar, read Steve Forde's blog post from back in January: Happy New Year! ~ and a question… | After Effects region of interest


      Needless to say from the comments on that article, this was a popular idea... and yet here we are in October playing around with a new UI look of all things.  I'm not even going to get started on how the 2014 update really wrecked dynamic linking on macs with premiere, or how I still can't just playback a video source with no effects on it in real time with a new mac pro trashcan... 


      All I want to know is, can anyone from Adobe shed some light on why this didn't happen and if there's still a chance to take a year off to just optimize AE as opposed to adding new features?