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    Feature Request: Sort/Search by TIME


      I have made this request before, here's a second effort.


      It would be useful to be able to search files and to create Smart Collections based on TIME.


      Travel photography

      Wedding photography

      Event photography and
      Sports photography


      would all benefit from being able to create Smart Collections based on Capture Time.


      Example: during a wedding the ceremony takes place between: 1pm and 2pm, the reception, from 2pm-4pm. A search by time will help, photographers find the images which represent each time-slice of an event.

      Sporting Events: ie. multi-venue/team event: the US hockey team plays from 9am-11am, the women's volleyball team plays from 11;30am-1pm, etc.


      I've been requesting this feature since version 2. It's time.


      Thank You,

      Efrain Cruz

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Please add your vote and opinion to this topic in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: A better search/find in the library module (Library Filter).  Meanwhile, as a workaround, you could use the Any Filter plugin, which provides that capability.

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            areohbee Level 6

            I concur with John - AnyFilter is a great way to find photos based on any criteria existing in Lightroom .


            That said, another option is to use the Metadata Extensions plugin (it's free, and I wrote it), which includes 'Hour of Day' item for library filters or smart collections.



            Which should you prefer?

            * AnyFilter is faster for one-time/on-demand queries, and more powerful in general, but relies on a proprietary plugin dialog box for it's human interface.

            * Metadata Extensions takes longer for a one-time initialization of the metadata in Lightroom, but then allows you to use "standard" (built-in) Lr search & filter mechanisms afterward.


            So, if you frequently want to filter or smart-collect based on time (hour) of day, and/or you don't use AnyFilter often, then you might find Metadata Extension is most convenient.


            If however, you use AnyFilter frequently enough that you've become accustomed to it's UI, and/or you don't filter/smart-collect on time-of-day that often anyway, AnyFilter may be preferable.


            Which do I use?

            * Both, depending..


            PS - another option is Jeffrey Friedl's DataExplorer plugin. I don't have enough experience with it to comment, but it does support hour-of-day.



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              areohbee Level 6

              Previous replies were about searching and filtering, but if you really want a true sort, then consider the


              Order Photos In Collection






              MiscLrScripts (free, written by me..).