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    Batch generate different versions?

      I'm using RHX5 HTML. Here's the deal. I have a Help database with 500+ topics. I need to publish 12 different WebHelp (primary layout) versions of that database. Each version is composed of a subset of the 500+ topics. There is overlap between versions (i.e. some versions share the same topics). Each of the 12 versions has a unique conditional build tag associated with it. For example, when I want to generate GROUPA, I create a version containing topics only associated with the GROUPA conditional build tag. Obviously, this is very time consuming. I have to regenerate each version separately. Is there a way to simultaneously generate a WebHelp version for each of my conditional build tags. It seems like there should be, because it's a very repetivite procedure (associate build tag, publish, associate build tag, publish, et al.). Thanks.
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          It sounds like you are using the Generate Primary Layout menu option each time, editing the build tag entry for each build. If so, there is an easier way - you can set up each build as a Single Source Layout - open the SSL menu item at the bottom of the left pane. Right-click on the desired output format and select New to input all your buildtag and other config settings for a job. Repeat for each build flavor. Then you can run them directly from the same menu. Still one at a time, but at least no setup drudgery in between.

          There may be a command line option that helps, but I don't play in the DOS park any more so I can't take you there.

          HTH, Laurin
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            Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for!