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    How do you format pasted text

    paper1246 Level 1

      I have a list of attractions and hiking trail names that I am trying to copy from Microsoft Word and paste into Edge Animate. The pasting part works fine. In Edge Animate I use the text tool to drag open a text box and the paste the text into it.  However, when I attempt to format individual words in the text box (e.g. apply bold styling to the main headers), any formatting changes get applied to everything in the text box.  Is there a way to make formatting changes to selections of text?  I am assuming Edge Animate is treating the pasted text as a single <p> tag. Is it possible to open the Edge Animate composition in a code editor like Aptana and apply the <li> tags and CSS styling to the text there and then save and open it up in Edge Animate?  Any workflow suggestions would be appreciated.  Attached below is a screenshot of the project.