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    alternative scrollpane to load dynamic content

      I'm trying to load jpgs to my scrollpane dynamically. I noticed the compiled scrollpane component in flash 8 is very large in size (> 130kb) which i cannot afford to use. Instead I'm using the flash 6 scrollpane which is not precompiled and only several kbs after compiling to swf. However, I have problem rendering loaded dynamic contents onto the pane. The first load after starting flash 8 was always successful. After that, it fails. In case anyone's interested, I have simple test code to demonstrate the problem, and have uploaded it to http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=1c5d80093f0b68cdcf7fe4cca0e0c923 (you'll need to wait for 10 secs before the download button appears on that linked page)

      I'm just wondering what is the best choice of a small size scrollpane that handles dynanimic MovieClip.loadMovie() well. Any suggestions?