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    Using customOptions to store history state


      Hi everyone,


      Its pretty much simple I think but I'm a begginer, so I can't find the way to do it, and I didn't find the answer, I hope someone can help here.



      I would like to run a first .jsx in wich I will save the history state before actions like this example :


      var saveHistory = activeDocument.activeHistoryState ;

      + many actions...

      And in a second .jsx I would like to call the saved HistoryState (to cancel all actions) :

      activeDocument.activeHistoryState = saveHistory

      but the variable is undefined at this point of course.

      I think customOptions can be used to store data, I manage to store and get back String data type, but history data seems to be another type (object type?).

      In others words I need to store a current history state and call it from another script.

      Does anyone knows how to do this please ? Thank you for your help.


      P.S. : I can't use a " Save and call Snapshot solution" or "previous number of history state".