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    Adobe Premiere 13- internal software error during disc burn




      I have a MacBookPro, 10.9.3 2.66 GHz 8gb

      I am using Adobe Premiere 13 to burn a Elementary School Memory DVD.

      I finished the creative portion of my dvd project, rendered the project and then burned a dvd successfully. Upon playing it, realized I made a creative error in my menu (Thumbnail photos didn't match the titles), so I fixed my markers and solved that problem. I did not re render the project and went straight to Burn another DVD. At 98% completion I got the following error.


      internal software error /DVA/premiere/elements/molecules/pre12/pre-mediacoreCS7/E


      Do you think the cause for the error due to my failure to RE Render the project? Any ideas?I am a newbie to Premiere.

      Thank you,