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    why can't I import spark package into AS3 file


      it creates error saying cannot find definition matching spark.* ... what am I doing wrong?

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          _spoboyle Level 4

          its difficult to help with so little information.


          You are creating a flex application and you are trying to create an AS3 class?


          What IDE if any are you using, what does your build path look like?


          Where is the Flex sdk you have installed?

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            astroair Level 1

            trying to build iOS app... obviously, I am new to flash builder... a little frustrated... I have extensive programming experience... the online support is pretty good... but, having issues with some key areas... and, it is really hard to always continue trying to search for the answer.


            I have created an action script project... I followed the instructions as though I am creating an iPhone app... not sure what else I need to do to be able to import the spark package...


            Probably a better question... is there somewhere I can go for a thorough overview of Flash builder and AS3?  The tutorials are just not thorough enough... I have basic architecture questions... really wish there was a phone number I could call to ask some general questions...

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Spark is part of the Flex SDK which is a framework like Microsoft’s Foundation Classes.


              In Flash Builder you create either ActionScript projects or Flex projects.  A Flex project has the Spark components as part of the set of libraries.  An ActionScript project does not.  It assumes you are going to build a project pretty much without using Flex SDK classes.


              There are more folks who can help you on the Apache Flex users mailing list (users@flex.apache.org).  They might be able to point you to more helpful learning content.



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                _spoboyle Level 4

                In Flash builder you can either create a Flex project or an AS3 project.


                If you create an AS3 project the spark libraries won't be included in your build path


                If you create a Flex project the spark libraries will be included, also you can write AS3 classes and use them in Flex.


                Anything AS3 can do Flex can do but as a generalization you find it easier creating application type projects in Flex and games/interactive content in AS3


                to learn Flex I found Flex in a Week video training | Adobe Developer Connection very useful to get started, although the learning curve for Flex comes when learn what is available for you to use and which components to use for what task


                As for AS3 there is such a wealth of resources online I would suggest searching for an example/tutorial closely related to what you are trying to achieve.


                If you are trying to create a iOS app in Flash builder I would strongly recommend creating a Flex project rather than a AS3 project.


                I have recently started to create my first android app and am doing so in Flash builder.  And I started here Adobe Flex 4.6 * User interface and layout however the video tutorial starts about halfway in with no obvious way to find the first few videos that must have been done


                this link was found via Adobe Flex 4.6 * Developing Mobile Applications with Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Builder 4.6

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                  astroair Level 1

                  Thank-you for the reply.  Can I create iOS applications with Flex?


                  Just to give you an idea of what I am trying to do...


                  a simple application with the home page consisting of 6 navigation buttons... each button would take you to a different page.  On each page, there would be different functionalities... but, the main feature would be interfacing with an external SQL database... I am a little worried about that one, since I am reading that only local databases are supported... first of all, does it sound like Flex is the best option for me... and, is there anyway to interface with a database accessible through the internet?

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                    _spoboyle Level 4

                    Yes you can,


                    and for the application you mentioned Flex seems the better option. Specifically you may want to look at the Tabbed Application Template (which uses the TabbedViewNavigatorApplication as its base class).


                    I have only ever used a local sql database but I am sure you will be able to connect to a remote sql server


                    There are even options in Flash builder when creating a mobile Flex project to include server settings, I am not sure how to use these but some searching around should help