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    How to engage a Clone-stamp-like 'overlay' for the Brush tool?


      Hi All


      As I'm sure many of you know, the clone stamp has an 'overlay' option as a default that allows your cursor to act as a preview of the preselected source that will be cloned/painted onto a given area should you proceed to make contact with your tablet or click your mouse.


      I find this feature quite useful, except I would like to have it when using my Brush tool. For example, on a blank layer with a white background, with the Brush tool selected (say a soft brush), and Green as my foreground colour selected, I would like my brush cursor to display a preview of what would result on the layer should I start painting - in this case, a green circle with a soft fade. Bare in mind, this would merely be a preview, prior to my pen making contact with my tablet.


      Is this possible? I'm open to any options, perhaps there's a plugin?





      (Win 7 x64 bit, Photoshop CS6 Extended)