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    dv8kiwi Level 1

      When will Adobe stop ignoring over half the devices out there?


      Android: 51.5 percent market share, iOS 42.4 percent (US Market, ComScore Sept 2014)

      Android: 84.7 percent market share, iOS 11.7 percent (Global Market, IDC 2014 Q2) !!

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          sir.matthew.nielsen Level 1


          I've been very interested in the new mobile applications and features Adobe has come out with recently however I'm not about to purchase all new (and highly expensive) apple devices with the only purpose of using these applications.

          Expanding into the Android and dare I say it Windows mobile platforms is just good business sense.

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            gigi90 Level 1

            I don't understand why Adobe ignores such a large market share.  To think that creatives use only Apple products is short sighted. Matter of fact I love my Android because I am creative and I enjoy that I can customize it to my preferences.

            please Adobe get a clue!!!!!

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              MrMorganMurphy Level 1

              I too am rather annoyed that all of these features seem to be iOS exclusives. I was rather impressed with the demo video that Adobe did for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and thought that signaled the end of the seemingly walled fortress.


              I would very much like there to be some attention paid to Android and other platforms.

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                kategorgeous Level 1

                Is there trouble at the top with Adobe?  I have just been onto their "chat support" system asking someone if there are any plans for Android apps and had a butt-clenchingly irritating conversation with someone called Ginesh who kept giving me standard responses like "I am happy to look into your query" and "please wait while I look into your query" and then answered a totally unrelated question like they didn't read my original question and after ages of tooing and froing they got the question and answered with 'no - there are no plans at the moment'  What has happened to Adobe customer care - it used to be good but now they appear to be so firmly proud of themselves they are working entirely for their own benefit and giving too little attention to their users.


                Don't like iphones and feel that Android users should get a financial discount

                Now removing feet off soap box

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                  deesadler User Group Manager
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                    SujaiS Adobe Employee

                    Adobe Shape,Color, Brush and PhotoShop Mix Apps are now available in PlayStore.


                    Adobe Creative cloud mobile app is also updates now. Please do try this out.



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                      dv8kiwi Level 1

                      Thanks. Still not compatible with Samsung Tab 4 though. Or any other tablet I expect.

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                        SujaiS Adobe Employee

                        These Apps now are available on Phones only.Tablet support is there in the roadmap and will be available in a later release.

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                          dv8kiwi Level 1

                          Still no tablet compatibility, and now I see that there will be no more product updates for these. And the Design and Illustration apps, which we are mostly interested in, never showed up at all. It seems like all this amounts to a brief flurry of promising activity but ultimately nothing much, a disappointment really.

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                            jurajl Level 1

                            Android 5.1.1. All applications Adobe color ... etc. Google Play is working. List: The device is not compatible with this version. I want to purchase the entire package CC but these programs do not go in my mobile. It is not fair. It will take irešenie?