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    Values set for ‘New Guide Position’ don’t follow the origin points of the rulers IF repositioned. . . is this a bug, or by design?

    Jim Druckenmiller




      If I reposition the origin points of the Rulers, and then add in a New Guide (from the menu), and set a value for it. . . The Newly created Guide positions itself from the original origin point (upper left-hand corner). . . And NOT from the new origin point which I set.


      I expected the New Guides to follow along with a change in the rulers origin points, but they don't seem to do that. . . Is this by design?, or is it a possible bug?

      ...And, if it is intentionally this way, Does anyone know if there is a way to change this behavior. Or some other way to zero out a pair of guide onto the new Origin point?


      I can always do the math on this, but then I’m trying to save myself from having to spend time doing that.