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    Blurb - specification of output file


      I cannot find online the technical spec of Lightroom 5 output file to Blurb. Can anyone provide answers to these questions?


      LR5 book templates produce what Blurb calls 'containers' on each page - does LR5 take DNG and convert to JPEG at the correct maximum resolution for each 'container'?


      Is that JPEG output resolution configurable?


      I ask because Blurb has no answer for this and has referred me back to Adobe LR5 tech support.


      The background to my question is that online there are complaints of low resolution output, perhaps in conjunction with choice of paper - Proline Pearl seems to produce less sharp results, for example. Since elsewhere in LR5 output control is configurable I wondered if the same is true of output from LR5 Book to Blurb?


      Many thanks

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          I recently encountered a low resolution problem, then I noticed LR5 Book was displaying a small "!" in the top right corner of a couple of my photos. The "!", apparently, is shown when the resolution of the photo is lower than that of the Blurb print job.  To correct it I reduced the size of the photos until the "!" disappeared.  It may also be dependent on the choice of paper, but I never investigated that.


          I hope this is a help.