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    Apparent memory issue in 13.1 preventing RAM previews and crashing renders


      Working in AE after the 13.1 update. Not creating anything crazy or processor-taxing.

      Every time after I boot up AE 13.1 I get about two minutes of RAM preview behaving normal than the "Needs 2 or more frames" warning starts popping up and no more RAM preview. Then when I go to render my comp (both in the Queue and Media Encoder) After Effects 13.1 gets 7 seconds in to rendering an 8-bit, 1080p video and the render crashes. It does the same thing every time like clockwork. No apparent variation in its behavior. I can't render anything longer than 7 seconds.


      Plugins I was running when the issue began (unsure if relevant, but oh well): CC Force Motion Blur, Red Giant Universe Retrograde, Red Giant Universe Carousel.

      My computer is not the issue. Specs below.

      Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.52.32 AM.png