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    moving MovieClips within hierarchy

      I am interested in moving entire or partial dynamically attached hierarchies of MovieClips to new _parent MovieClips. Setting the _parent property works just fine, except that it has no effect visible effect; additionally, the _target property remains unchanged upon assigning a new value to _parent, which brings them out of synch with each other.

      If this is possible in ActionScript 2, I would love to see a snippet that illustrates this. Perhaps two dynamically attached clips, clip_A & clip_B, where clip_A._x is incremented onFrameEnter and a key toggles the parent of clip_B between clip_A and _root? The effect should be that when clip_B is a child of clip_A, it is also translated across the Stage, and when it is a child of _root, it remains stationary while clip_A continues on.

      Thanks in advance,