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    Automatic grids and guides by percentage


      Hi all,


      I produce a high quantity of work to a predetermined template and have been looking at ways to automate parts of the process, particularly with regards to setting grids and guides. I believe that it should be possible, but seems to be well beyond my (very, very limited) scripting knowledge. The particular processes are as follows:


      The first thing I do when I begin anew is to go into Preferences > Grids and enter a value equivalent to 1% of the grid width into the Horizontal field and 1% of the height into the Vertical field. I then set the subdivisions for each to 1, producing a grid with 100 rows and 100 columns of 1% of the total document size.


      The next thing I do is to calculate 6% of the document width and enter that figure into the Left and Right fields of the Margins and Columns dialogue box, found in the Layout menu. I will also enter 1% of the document height into the Bottom field.


      Through these two methods I arrive at a good starting point for my work. The sizes of the grids and guides differ with the document sizes, but are always the same percentages of the total size. This seems like something that InDesign scripting should be able to handle but I can't find any suitable scripts or even begin to get my head around how to create such a thing.


      I'm using InDesign CC 2014. Furthermore, it doesn't matter if the margins are created with the Margins and Columns functionality or are just guides.


      If anybody has any suggestions, or can even vaguely point me in a direction that might help me, it would be greatly appreciated.