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    LR5: Why can't I import my pictures again after having them used for editing in Lightroom?




      A week ago I was editing 800 pictures of my last holidays in Lightroom 5.2. After having them exported I noticed that I didn't check the quality settings for export, so I wanted to import the original files again.

      And that's where I'm having issues right now. I can't open them anymore. Though they are all availabe, they are shaded in grey and are not selectable:

      not selectable.JPG


      Going back to the original holidays folder, it strikes me that it's only possible to import such pictures which I haven't picked to edit in Lightroom before:


      I tested other original files of pictures I already edited in Lightroom and they work. It's only about these holiday pictures. The exported, edited holiday pictures appear in Lightroom for importing. It seems like Lightroom has problems with the original files which has been imported to Lightroom once. An Update to LR 5.6 didn't help. Has anyone any idea how to solve this problem?