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    Convert to symbol trouble


      Hi, I am having trouble understanding the "Convert to symbol" instruction when I have already converted to symbol.  I have drawn a stick figure, minus a leg, and modified to symbol.  Within the symbol I have created another layer and called it "leg" and convert to symbol.  From this symbol I want to create a motion tween, but it says convert to symbol.  Is this to do with the fact that you can't motiontween something that looks like a line (leg)?  It seems to make no difference if I click on or off the grey/black surround to the circle in the tool bar. (vectors?)


      Thanks Georgia

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          Mohanaraj Adobe Employee


          A symbol can have another symbol inside its definition(nested symbol) and motion tween requires your current selection to be a movie clip symbol in order to apply a motion tween on it. If your current selection is not a movie clip symbol(you can view what is your current selection is in Properties panel) then it asks you to convert the current selection to movie clip symbol irrespective of whether you are already inside an another symbol or not.




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            singsister Level 1

            Hi Mohan


            Aha I see the two different symbols now, that explains a lot.  Many thanks

            for your helpful reply.




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