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    Burning DVDs/exporting makes my computer crash




      I am trying to burn a DVD that is approximately an hour and a half long. I successfully completed and burned a similar project a couple of days ago and have no idea what has changed. Following some advice from other forums I have tried:


      • Clearing the Media cache
      • changing all the scratch disks to read My Documents
      • Deleting everything in the Temp folder
      • Removing the menu
      • Burning it to a folder instead of a disk
      • Exporting it as a MPEG file instead of burning it
      • Creating a completely new project


      Nothing is working and it is driving me crazy! It crashes at about 4% into the Encoding Media phase (after the Menus but before it starts burning). I am working on a Windows 7 laptop in Premiere Elements 9. The crash happens without warning and completely shuts down my computer, which then restarts. As I said earlier, it worked perfectly a few days ago. The only drastic thing I have done since then is burn about 100 DVDs, but that was with a different program and happened without incident, and the problem happens before even when I'm not burning so I don't think it's related to the burner being worn out.


      Many thanks for any ideas.