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    Internal Index for the HyperlinkTextDestination in InDesign




      after installing the newest InDesign and conversion older files into the new version I found, that InDesign now adds a number after the Hyperlink Text Destination.

      I could not see this number in the InDesign Window Hyperlinks but after the export into pdf this number appears in the window "View - Show/Hide - Navigation Panes - Destinations"


      e.g. in the old version  "dsrg.indd:article_22"

      in the new version "dsrg.indd:article_22:654"


      How can I avoid, hide or delete this number because it makes all my links from outside the document into the document with "#nameddest" impossible.

      This number appears also when I export a new project with destinations to pdf.



      Thank you for your help.


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          StJDame Level 1

          I'm having this same issue. Not sure if it is happening at the conversion to PDF or if it already exists in InDesign. The list of hyperlink destinations doesn't show it in InDesign CS6. I am using a PC.


          The destinations are accessed by a software product when the help button is pressed. Depending on where the user is in the program, the button sends them to the appropriate section of the manual. So far I've just been removing the trailing numbers manually after the PDF is generated. However, another project is coming in which it will be completely impractical to do this manually. The software is feature rich and the manual is a multiple volume book. More like a library.


          Thanks for any help.