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    How can I animate size and rotation on mouse over?

    theshyguys Level 1



      I'm fairly new to Edge Animate and have been trying to find tutorials but all I've found so far are ones for older versions which are very different to the new CC 2014 versions so not had much luck..


      I'd like to animate icons similar to the those on the coloured band on this site: http://do.live147.com/html/rockox/index.html  ("Website", Latest Trends" etc..)

      So on mouse over I'd like to animate the scale and rotation of the icon, and then if possible, to keep it in that new state until another icon is selected (rather than returning on mouse out).  All icons are for a design in Muse (CC 2014).


      Can anyone help me or point me towards some new tutorials which covers this?  I'd appreciate any clues on how to do this!


      I'm using Edge Animate CC 2014.1 on a Mac.


      Thanks in advance!