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    How do I chose the shortcut for the normal Eyedropper tool in October 2014 edition?

    Daniel Cilia Level 1

      In the all my previous versions I chose a personal shortcut Cmd+i to access quickly the Eyedropper Tool which I use a lot to edit my text, and copy styles quickly. With the new Colour Theme Tool this is not possible any more since Cmd+i is used to toggle between the normal Eyedropper Tool and the new Colour Theme Tool. If one goes to change the settings in the Keyboard Shortcuts the Eyedropper Tool is not there anymore. So I cannot chose my preferred shortcut Cmd+i in default and especially in the Text Context to be able to copy text attributes from style to style in InDesign. Only for this I would not have upgraded to the October 2014 CC version, and I wish I knew a way to go back, because I would. I don't see a use for the new Colour Theme Tool and Cmd+i keeps bringing this up and not the good old Eyedropper Tool.


      Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 13.14.21.jpg