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    InDesign File V5.5 crashes on opening

    RepulseMonkey Level 1

      Hi, I'm running OSX 10.7.  Trying to open an Id file, that crashes on opening.


      Looking through forums, people are suggesting deleting Recovery Data, but I can't find the folder.


      I know it's a hidden folder, but the folder paths people are quoting don't make sense...


      For example:


      Macintosh: Hard Drive/Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/<Version #>/<Language>/

      What EXACTLY goes in <Version #>?  Is it Version 5.5 or Version5.5 or V5.5?

      What goes in <Language>?  I'm in the UK.  Is UK? or EN or en or GB?

      I'm assuming because it's hidden the path will need a  ~  at the start?

      Any help gratefully received.

      I've tried exporting to idml and opening as a copy, but the idml export fails to complete before the crash and the opening as a copy also crashes.