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    Sony RAW Support ARW


      My situation:

      Camera: Sony ILCE-5100

      Raw format extension: ARW

      Software: Lightroom 5.6


      I understand lightroom 5.4 supports the sony ILCE-5000 and the ILCE-6000. The camera I have is the updated model. 5100 which is the same raw format as the 6000, but when I import the raw pictures, lightroom shows "preview unavailable".


      Then the import results show "the files are not recognized by the raw format support in lightroom" for all my photos.


      Clicked "check for updates, but my lightroom has no update because it is running at 5.6.


      Extremely frustrated because LR supports ARW for the 6000 but not 5100, which is the same RAW format.


      Please help.