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    How can I apply a GREP style to a text variable?

    polifilo Level 1

      Hello everybody,

      I have a question concerning GREP styles inside Paragraph styles.


      1. I've created a text variable to generate a recurring title on the upper side of the page based on the main title paragraph style;


      2. The recurring title is in Adobe Garamond Small Caps, all letters in lower case, and it is formatted with a paragraph style sheet in the master page;


      3. I want to create a GREP style for the recurring title, according to which every time that in the recurring title appear an apostrophe or the double quotes, they are automatically lowered 2pt on the baseline

      (I already created the character style sheet that lowers letters of 2pt).


      What I need is the correct GREP formula to automatically apply the character style sheet to apostrophes and double quotes, in the line of text generated by the text variable...


      Thanks for your  help