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    InDesign Lock files appear before file opens

    Mochamoo Level 1

      At least that is the only thing I can think of that is happening. After updating InDesign CC 2014 I have only been working on one file. The file is located on my supervisor's documents, so I access it from there. Lately when I attempt to open the file the lock file appears before the file actually opens, and then InDesign tells me the file is in use. This is the only file that has this issue, of all the InDesign files on his documents. It has become rather disruptive, since the only solution we have found is for him to shut down his current projects and restart his computer, then I restart my computer and everything goes well. Then mid afternoon if I have closed the file we have to do the same thing. InDesign has also been running a bit on the sluggish side. Has anyone else had this issue and found a work-around or does anyone have any possible ideas as to what is going on. Again, I don't think it is the network because this is the only file that is having this issue, and it has only started since the last update. Thank you!