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    auto trace issues

    ak kannan

      when i used auto trace tool it is not showing the tracing of the pic

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          Marin Petkov Level 1

          Can You show us a screen ? Did You tried the different methods of tracing? Did you activated  the "toggle mask and shape path" in the composition navigator ?




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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            You have to be much more specific. System info, version of AE, trace settings, info about the source file, comp settings and so on. nobody can help you based on "It doesn't work." posts with no information in them.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              After Effects Auto Trace does not work like the Auto Trace In Illustrator. There is a preview but there's a bug in the preview of you are running a HR (Retina for Mac) display that causes the preview to be 1/4 size and in the upper right corner. Your layer either needs an alpha channel or some contrast. This is what CC looks like on my MBP R with preview on:


              As long as you have not hidden the preview in your Composition Panel Settings you should be able to see the preview and if the Mask Path visibility is turned on (third icon on the bottom right) you should see the mask paths with they are created.

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                ak kannan Level 1

                what is at other method you are talking about . how to activite it . i am learning AE so dont know much . so tell me with the directions

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                  ak kannan Level 1

                  as you can see in this image the mask selection can be seen  visible . i am not getting the mask selection done by autotrace tool in ae  even the mask layers are present in the pic. can any body help me with this issuetease_LG.jpg

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Please provide more information. Show screenshots of your process. .