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    Enable flash content in pdf


      When exporting my indesign file to an interactive pdf i get the following problem:


      I open the pdf, when there is flash content , i can set the properties for it to be visible when the page is opened, that is what i want. When i then save the pdf other user do no longer have to 'enable' the flash content so that it looks embedded in the document (because people otherwise would just miss it ).


      Now I have a PDF with over 60 pages off flash content, so i have to enable page per page , and when the client asks for a little adjustment, be it 1 word, i re-save the pdf, it loses al those settings (the properties per flash in acrobat ) , so my questions is : how can i enable all this content 1 one time, in acrobat or indesign, because this is a terrible workaround.


      Thank you!