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    NAS as cache drive for Premiere/Photoshop

    paulwieczorek Level 1

      Hello ladies and gents!


      Since the moment I found this forum and Storage Rules post it has been my bible for building a workstations. Unfortunately the times when my Windows machine became too bulky has come and I had to move on small Macbook Pro mid-2012 with 16gbs of RAM. Yes, I see it's much slower and I can NOT edit movies on it but still - I fell in love with Apple's architecture. There was only one concern when moving to mac - disk space and setup. On my Windows machine I had 3 HDDs + 1 SSD which in this combination worked flawlessly. Yesterday I reached an end of my Macbook Pro main and only HITACHI HTS725050A7E630 (7200rpm, 500Gb) disk so I had to buy something external. After reading tons of internet I decided to WD My Cloud Mirror (EX2 was unavailable) which has WD Reds WD20EFRX installed.


      Now comes the question: is it possible to use my little home NAS as a cache drive for Premiere and Photoshop and will it speed up my new small workstation?


      There's a thing that I can not understand: WD Reds solely gets W/R about 100/110mb/s while installed inside the My Cloud Mirror they get max of 45mb/95mb/s - how is this possible????