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    continue sound

      in my director project, there are two movies, i jump between these movies by
      click buttons..in first movie, music wav file, does lingo has ablity to
      make wav sound stream between two movies without making cut...?

      my regards
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          You might try an external sound file triggered with sound playFile
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            newmfa Level 1
            I tried "playFile" with external wav, this is my code in frame 1 in movie 1:

            on exitFrame me
            sound(2).playFile(_movie.path & "music.wav")

            when I jump from movie 1 to movie 2, no problem, music working fine, but when return
            from movie 2 to movie 1, the music start from begining..sure this is wrong..!!
            it must continue like jumping from movie 1 to movie 2..
            where is my wrong..?