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    CF10 Update 14 Killed My Admin

    sdsinc_pmascari Level 2

      So, I used the updater in CF Admin to apply the latest patch (14) to CF10.  Afterwards, I rebuilt my web server connections.  This is a process I've done dozens of times.  However, this time around I've lost the ability to get to my CF Administrator....but all my sites are running just fine!  I just can't access the Administrator!  I've removed/recreated the connectors and restarted IIS/CF 3 times.  Same thing.


      Everything about this server was running fine up to now.    It is Win 2008/IIS7


      I'm getting the dreaded IIS HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error:


      Error Code0x00000000
      Requested URLhttp://mywebsite:80/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll
      Physical PathD:\My_Web_Sites\config\wsconfig\2\isapi_redirect.dll
      Logon MethodAnonymous
      Logon UserAnonymous


      I have 2 other identical servers that I have yet to update so they continue to run fine.  I've been referencing each of them to see if there were some permissions or other oddball changes.  Can't find anything.


      Any ideas?