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    Edge Animate CC 2014 pasting SVG's from Illustrator CC 2014 issues


      I am working on an html5 interactive map in which only certain US States which have an active service area for this particular product will be a different color, with an interactive text box that will pop up on hover.


      My background is a plain, gray, US map with all the state borders outlined in white copied from my Illustrator file. My plan was to add just the states with an active service area as a new layer on the Stage, after I make it red and copy it from Illustrator separately. However, after I do this successfully for the first 2 or 3 states, the next state I try to add, regardless of the actual state I choose next, or the name I give the incoming .svg image, fails to display within my .an file.


      Please fix or help! This project should have already been completed, but I have wasted 3 or 4 versions in attempt to get these svg's to display as they should. If I have to go the route of saving each layer as a .png first, the project is going to take me 10 times longer than it should if this feature was working properly.