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    Why is play/pause in video never exact?

    LARV Level 1

      I have a video and a play button in my project.


      The play button is set to play the video and the timeline, with triggers on the timeline telling the video and timeline to toggle play/pause at certain places. No autoplay on timeline or video.


      The video plays and pauses as it should, but no preview is exactly the same. Sometimes the video pauses half a second before or after the set trigger. Is Edge not stable enough to be 100% accurate all the time?

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          Can you share the Edge composition?

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            LARV Level 1

            Here it is. It´s very simple so you should be able to grasp all the actions I´ve taken pretty quick I suspect. Watch the animation in the timeline as well as preview, you´ll see that I´ve set the play/pauses at specific points. It´s crucial that they land right on, and not one or two frames later. I will have texts pointing in on the aircraft and if it doesn´t stop where I´ve set it to stop things won´t work.


            As for now, the preview doesn´t match the actions in the timeline. The first two, three pauses are correct but some of the later ones pauses different in every preview. Why?


            (After the last pause things play weird, don´t bother about that, I have to fix this first)