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    Transitions work but no sound?!?

    Joe Mosteller
      I have a Power Point with animated GIF's, custom animations with sounds assigned, and transistions with sounds assigned. When I play the slide-show in Power Point everything functions fine but when I publish it using presenter the animations and transitions work but there is no sound and the animated GIF's only show up as a still graphic. Any suggestions?
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          bilimam Level 1
          i believe that any sounds that you didn't add using presenter don't get added into the presentation. u may want to think about using captivate 3
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            robva65 Level 2
            Not only that Taz, but here's something else to consider:

            If you're using Breeze 5.1, animated .gifs aren't supported. Although I can't speak for Presenter 6.0 users yet (still waiting on my upgrade), I've heard that animated .gifs do work in that environment.

            Last note...and this really should be something everyone needs to consider when crafting decks/presentations with the intention of publishing...Just because you can make certain things happen while editing and displaying in PowerPoint (including slide show mode or F5), that doesn't necessarily mean that things will STILL work when you publish your content.

            Various facets of what you could normally get away with in Powerpoint simply don't convert well (if at all), especially with things like custom animations and Action Buttons. And although most of those "bugs" have been documented I still think we, as users, need to keep putting the heat on Adobe to improve what they have, because the reality is that there are a BUNCH of other products that can do what Breeze/Presenter does, and in some cases, cheaper.

            That said, however, I also realize that the list of things that don't work really isn't that long at all...but better to test as you build rather than forcing yourself into a bad situation when it's too late.
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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              As to the animated GIFs, they are supported using Presenter 6.2 with PPT 2007. I have not seen the GIFs animate in any other combination of Presenter and PPT.

              As to the suggestion of using Captivate, it is a great tool to use, but when trying to get it to do what Presenter does, can be frustrating at best.

              Do use presenter to insert your audio, as stated above, it will not convert any content that is not a part of the presentation, ie. mp3's and other external content.