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    printing signatures


      pdf document prints with 1 of 4 signatures visible, the one that is colored blue... is there a way to get other signatures, now in black color, to print?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          What kind of signatures do you have: electronic or digital? If electronic (which in PDF-speak are annotations) then they may have "do not print" flag on them. That's up to the document/signature creator to decide.

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            sweetlady Level 1

            Hi, thanks for replying....

            Am I right that the document I see on screen is a 'view' of the file?   How can I see a "do not print" flag if it exists?


            I created  phony  script font signatures in adobe acrobat reader.... saved.... printed... the phony signatures  were printed under the 'wet ink' signatures (I'm assuming that's what they are called... I don't know who created this file, or how.)

            I am lost in the forest... don't have enough knowledge anchors for thinking this through.

            Thanks, though


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              IsakTen Level 4

              1. "How can I see a "do not print" flag if it exists?" Right-click on annotation and select "Properties", then the "General" tab.

              2. You may want to Google and find some tutorials about electronic and digital signatures, what are the differences and legal standing. You may also want to get and read one of many books on Acrobat (like :"Classroom in a Book").