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    Problem importing photos from camera to Lightroom


      I have Creative Cloud for Photographers, it´s installed on my iMac and my MacBook Air. I use Lightroom to import photos from the camera. A few days ago I wanted to import some photos to the MacBook, but after a while everything stopped, no photos were imported and after waiting quite some time I gave up. Tried again after a while but then got the message that the files couldn´t be read. It worried me a lot as I was afraid the memory card might have got damaged, but I tried to import the photos to the iMac instead and it was no problem. After that I have tried to import other photos from various cameras to the MacBook, but nothing works. To the iMac - no problem. I then tried to uninstall Lightroom, but it was not possible. In the Creative Cloud-app It is possible to uninstall Photoshop, no problem, but with Lightroom it says "cannot be uninstalled" - on both the iMac and the MacBook.


      Since I will be traveling a lot in just a few days, it´s essential to have a Lightroom that works on my MacBook. I usually import photos from the camera several times a day, so without a LR that works, things will be much more difficult… 


      Any help will be much appreciated!