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    Preloader no longer centred




      I built my site a while back on edge animate 3.0 and it worked fine. I've recently I have come back to update some bits but a few things no longer work.


      My preloader is no longer centred to the stage. I have a 100% width stage so I used absolute positioning and auto margins to centre the preloader before, this was the snippet of code on my Preloader actions



              width : '120px',

              height : '120px',

              margin : 'auto',

              position: 'absolute',

              top: 0, left: 0, bottom: 0, right: 0



      This no longer works, is there anything I need to change on this code?

      Or anything I can change in the HTML file which is being displayed as follows:



                  id: 'preloader',

                  type: 'image',

                  tag: 'img',

                  rect: ['0px', '0px', '120px', '120px', 'auto', 'auto'],

                  fill: ["rgba(0,0,0,0)",'images/Loader.gif','0px','0px']



      Thanks in advance,