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    How much XML can the Flash Player load?

    adams E-learning
      I have a single XML file of around 220MB.

      I have devised a Flash interface that loads the XML and allows you to define filter settings, then display a summary of the results - I have tested it on files of 5MB with the same XML tag-structure, and it works.

      Can anybody tell me, is there a limit to the amount of XML data the Flash Player is capable of loading?... or is the limit dependent only on the RAM in the user's computer?

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          I do not know of a limit.

          Flash is CPU (processor) intensive so it depends on the client machine. Be careful perhaps your machine is above the average processing ability of your target user machines.

          Since XML usually requires loops for parsing, you will find loops are CPU intensive so design code to minimize loops.

          Perhaps the Flash 9 player and AS 3 might provide better processing of XML so you might pursue that if the project has a future delivery. If that route seems better then know Flash 9 player is above 50% penetration so that means right now about 1/2 of a general target audience would be prompted to upgrade their Flash player.
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            adams E-learning Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.

            This project is not actually for online use -it's only likely to be used on two or three different machines, with the XML file stored locally.

            I used Flash to create a visual interface allowing the user to add filters simply because that's what I'm most capable with as a developer. I have now received a few suggestions including importing the XML into Access.