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    Will Webhelp CSH still map correctly when help is used offline


      Using RH10:


      Before I got here, all help was done as CHM... and most of our users go offline during the day when using the software because of the locations they are in (no internet connections available).  Our application is not a web based app because of this.  We would like to start using a webhelp output however so that we have better working files, etc.  The developer states that the webhelp "package" of files can be downloaded onto a laptop with the software.  However, he is concerned that when this occurs, because there is no network to automatically map the topics to the correct screens, that once offline, the map IDs will no longer work to bring up the right page of help as a CSH.


      Can anyone speak to this?  Is this a problem? If so, any idea how to get around this?