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    SendNow User Dissatisfied With Send


      I am a satisfied SendNow subscription user and have attempted to send the same files using Send with no success.  The files I am sending are zip files in the 10 to 80 MB size range.  I am uploading the files via IE8 (corporate environment with no ability to personnally upgrade to newer browser).  Although I am thouroughly satisfied with my SendNow subscription, I am unable to successfully upload the same files using Send.  They appear to upload, the thingy goes around, but I never recieve a massage that the upload is successful, do not recieve email notification that the file was sent and no email is recieved with a link to download the file.


      Now it appears my time is running out to continue to use SendNow and if these issues that I am experiencing (and obviously many others judging from your forum) are not resolved I will be forced to cancel my subscription and use another file transfer service.