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    "Wordnum" Help please


      HI all


      I am quite a newbie to this community as well as the Livecycle program, recently I have been trying to construct a fairly basic financial form which the most part has been quite simple to achieve, however I have reached a stumbling block in that I wish to create a text field which represents in words that of a monetary value entered into a decimal field

      I have achieved a result fairly easily using FormCalc WordNum which smartly reproduced my monetary input however it was displayed in Dollars & Cents  when what I actually wanted was the UK currency of Pounds & Pence

      I am sure this is a fairly simple fix for those in the know and I appeal to you for help but please bear in mind my technical abilities and my experience in this program is somewhat limited


      Program is LiveCycle ES2


      Thanking you all in advance for any assistance you can provide