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    Setting up Users - Best Practices

      03/28/2007 11:53:42 AM
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      Hi there. We are a large organization with a website consisting of over 40,000 pages. We have multiple users who need access to various parts of the website. We have discovered different methods of setting them up in Contribute but wonder if one method is better than the others.

      1. Create a separate new connection for each portion of the site. This, unfortunately, makes it impossible to share CSS layout files, images, and library items at the root of the website.

      2. Create a single connection to the server and create mutliple roles - most likely named by the user's name - that limits directory access. Worried this might create an unwieldly list of users. This opens up shared assets, though, which will help with maintaining site standards.

      We also tried creating a single connection to the server and creating new roles - named according to which directory was being given access to - but quickly discovered that a user can only be assigned to one role.

      Has anyone else run across this?