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    Is Lightroom capable of creating a photographic log?

    Canoe Kid

      Is there a means to create a photographic log in Lightroom similar to the image below? I know Lightroom can take a series of selected photos and compile contact sheets (standard or using templates) and creative "photo books" that allow very limited textual or metadata elements. I cannot find a way in Lightroom, however, to create a document that contains a header/title block (on each page) and/or a means to add a selection of multiple metadata to each photo. I am currently using Lightroom 4 and to the best of my abilities I have not seen any noticeable changes in Lightroom 5 in this arena that would have made me switch by now.


      (Sorry for the poor graphic. I had to print screen and crop the graphic into this discussion box because I could not upload the pdf file version.)